Monthly Archives: December 2013

Seeking simplicity and peace, already bogged down!!

I was inspired. Excitedly I decided to set up a site where I can put my numerous and often bewildering thoughts. Two hours later I feel entirely bogged down by the whole process of setting something up!

The trouble is I can’t make a decision. There is always another way I like, or might like better! I am not exaggerating when I say that I sat looking at, and fiddling with, my user name for at least twenty minutes trying this and that, because the simple name I wanted, peaceseeker, was unavailable. Ultimately I went with the first name I’d thought of. Obviously! I do this kind of think all the time. Unable to just plump for something and be satisfied. I think and think and research and think a bit more and try this, try that, tweak it, change it back. In the end I get so annoyed with myself, feel stupid for wasting time, and physically ache from sitting in one position for too long! These small episodes of indecision and procrastination add up, over the day, to guilt and pain. Silly eh?

Anyway, after doing some research into blogging sites and having already set up a tumblr account stating a search for simplicity as my goal, and then getting waylaid by “shoelust” I realised tumblr might be just a bit too flashy and social-networky for my purposes.  I want discussion of ideas. I want to learn and grow and find peace. Hurrah!

I am easily distracted and seduced by colour and glitz so, even though I think this looks like a Volkswagen site (what a dull logo wordpress has!) I have plumped for WP as a platform. God I hope I can jzuzh up my page a bit!!

So here is my first blog. I need to post and go. Try not to over-think it. Pay my children some attention! I’ll be back. Unless something else catches my eye of course. In the meantime here’s something pretty from nature to stimulate the eye.